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How it all started

CustomerTrackr was born from a need to easily manage our businesses' customers. We looked at tradition desktop software, but didn't like being tied to the office. Our business required access to customer data from anywhere at anytime.

We started looking at other web-based customer management solutions but discovered they were either too expensive, difficult to use or functionally limited. Without any alternatives, we decided to develop our own custom solution that could meet our business needs.

After months of iterations and development, we created a customer management solution that was easy to use, scalable and accessible from any Internet enabled device. Productivity at our company increased two folds and our customers were more than pleased with the efficiency and quality of our service.

A gentle buzz grew throughout our industry about our software. We showcased our software to a few business associates and were overwhelmed by the positive responses. We thought, "Why limit our software to just us, when any company could benefit?" CustomerTrackr was born.

We spent the next few months re-developing CustomerTrackr to meet the needs of any company, big or small. We wanted to make sure a company of any size, from an entrepreneur to small business or even large corporation, could benefit from our online software.

If you choose to use CustomerTrackr, you can be rest assured knowing that we use the same software everyday to manage our own customers and business. We are a big proponent of "eating your own dog food" and strive to make CustomerTrackr the best customer management software on the web.

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