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Frequently Asked Questions

The information below provides answers to commonly asked questions. Send us an email if you have a question we have not listed.


  • What is CustomerTrackr?

    Quite simply, we make it easy to manage your customers and their orders.

  • Why use CustomerTrackr?

    We built CustomerTrackr from the ground up to be easy to learn, use and understand. We pride ourselves with delivering a product that not only manages your customers but allows you to spend less time managing them and more time servicing them.

  • Can I trust CustomerTrackr?

    CustomerTrackr forces HTTPS for all requests between client and server. We also leverage Stripe to handle credit card storage and processing. Thus ensuring your private customer data and credit card information is protected from third party access.


  • How does billing work?

    CustomerTrackr uses Stripe to manage payment processing for our customers. This means we do not store your credit card information on our servers. Stripes handles the charging and processing of credit card information. You can read more about Stripes security and fraud protection below.

    The Settings->Billing page lets you see your current balance, next payment due, current plan and credit card registered with Stripe (admin access required).

  • Can I trust Stripe?

    Yes! Stripe is PCI DSS compliant, leverages latest SSL security methods and card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 type encryption. In other words, Stripe's number one priority is security. You can read more about their Security and Fraud from their website.

  • How do I change my plan?

    On the Settings->Billing change, you will see your currently selected plan. You can change the plan to add or remove more users to your account. Additionally, you can change the billing cycle (monthly vs yearly) to suit your payment needs.

    If you change your plan to add users, Stripe will immediately charge your credit card for the prorated amount. Conversely, if you downgrade your plan, then your account will be credited the difference between the plans.

    To give you a concrete example of what this might look like, let's say you signed up on April 1 for the Basic plan at $29 a month. Half way through April, you decide to switch to the Plus plan for $49 a month. You'll be charged $29 on April 1, the day you signed up, and then $35.50 on May 1: $49 for May 1 to June 1, minus $14.50 for the unused portion of the Basic plan, plus $25.50 for the 1/2 month on the Plus plan.

  • How do I cancel my plan?

    Please send us an email to cancel your plan.

  • How do I get refunded for a charge?

    Please send us an email to refund a charge. Please be sure to include your company name and email address to process your request.

  • How do I change my credit card?

    You can go to the Settings->Billing page to add or replace an existing card (admin access required).


  • Can a customer have multiple orders?

    Yes! Customers can have zero, one or more orders associated with them. You can add an order by going to the customers' profile page and clicking the "Add Order" button.

  • Can I create a customer without an order?

    Yes! Sometimes you want to track a customer before you place an order (also known as a lead). Use the Customers->Add Customer menu to add customer to CustomerTrackr. You can view all your customers from the Customers->View Customers page.

  • How do I use custom fields?

    Custom fields allow you to add additional information to a customer profile. We have a blog post that explains how to use them.

  • Why can't I see local weather for my customer?

    In order to see your customers local weather, you need to provide a zip code. If no zip code is provided, you will not see their local weather.

    However, if there is a zip code, but still no weather, then the weather service may have failed to return data, you can try again in a few minutes to see if the problem goes away.

  • What is the difference between customer and order notes?

    Customer notes are used when you want to note something specific to that customer. An order note would be used in cases where the information only makes for that particular order. In both cases, you can add multiple notes to each type.

    If you find yourself needing information that would pertain to many customers orders, then you should use the customer notes field. However, if it is specific to just that one order, an order note would do.


  • What are contacts?

    Contacts are typically outside vendors or companies that your company associates with. Adding them to CustomerTrackr makes it easy to keep track of their infoformation and any notes that should be tracked with them.

  • What are contact types?

    Contact types allow you to categorize your vendor contacts to make it easier to filter when searching. You can manage your contact types from the Settings->Contact Types page (admin access required).


  • What are orders?

    Orders can mean different things to different companies. For a carpeting company, an order could be the purchase and installation of carpet for a customer. CustomerTrackr provides appoinment booking, invoice item additions, service calls for check-up services and installers checklists to ensure jobs are done correctly.

    For a freelance artist, an order might be a client consultation or the work needed for a client.

    Either way, CustomerTrackr is flexible enough to let you use the features you need and forget the ones you don't. It is up to you to decide which features are needed for your customer management.

  • Can invoice items be associated with orders?

    Yes! Through the Settings->Invoice Items page, you can create create individual items to be associated with orders. Invoice item information includes SKU number, name and amount per item. This makes it easy to determine the added costs of materials or labor for an order.

  • How do I download order files?

    Different browsers handle downloading files differently. But for most browsers, you can right click and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". There are options in each browser that let you know change how the browser handles opening / saving of different file types. Please refer to your browsers help menu for more information.

  • How do I manage order payments?

    If you have access to modify payments, you should see a link called add a payment. Clicking this link will display a form fields to add the payment amount and date paid. You add as many payments as needed to fulfill the order sale.

    To remove a payment, just click the delete icon next to the payment fields. Note, you cannot undo a deletion.

  • What are user order associations?

    User associations allow you to connect sales people, installers and other users to orders. A simple usecase can be when you want to determine the sales commission for an employee. Connecting the user to an order makes it easier to determine sales commissions when generating reports.

  • What is the order status sold ratio?

    Decide whether an order status will be used in the sales statistics report. We use the status to determine which orders should be included in the order sold ratio. The order sold ratio helps salespeople determine which percentage of their orders are sold.

  • How do order reminders work?

    Order reminders allow you to set a future date that reminds you to follow up with a customer or order.

    To set a reminder, go to an order and choose a date in the order reminder field. On the day selected, you will get a message at the control panel page to notify you of your reminder.

    Please note that you will need to be associated with the order for a reminder to appear in the control panel.


  • How do I get access?

    You will need to contact the Admin of your company to gain access.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    Please send us an email to cancel your account.

  • How do I export my customer and order data?

    Please send us an email and we will retrieve your company information and send it in a compressed zip file.

  • How do I add or remove users?

    Use the Settings->Users page to create, update and delete users in your CustomerTrackr account (admin access required).

  • What are user groups and how do I used them?

    User Groups allow you to group users together with similar access across CustomerTrackr. As an admin, you can create any number of groups with specific access to various pages of CustomerTrackr. Users can then be assigned to one or more of these groups.

  • How do I edit data?

    There are two ways to edit data that you have added to CustomerTrackr.

    • Edit Form - The 'edit' link next to the data will display a form that allows you to edit data for the item.
    • Inline Edit - Inline editing lets you edit the text directly in place on the page. When you hover over the data, a yellow background will display. Clicking on the item displays an edit box thats lets you directly manage the data. Hit enter to save the changes or escape to cancel.
  • What is the external customer order form?

    Now that you have your company setup, wouldn't it be easy if customers could fill out a form and automatically have their information entered into CustomerTrackr? Funny you ask, because we did just that. We stripped down the "Add Order" form page and gave you the ability to use it outside of CustomerTrackr

    All you need to do is link to this address, , from your companies website. When a customer fills out the form, their information will automatically be placed in CustomerTrackr for you to review.

    We know that the lovely color scheme of this website may not fit your companies brand, so we allow you to customize the look and feel of the form to match your websites' color scheme. Use the "Style" tab in the Settings page to modify the page style.

  • How do I add custom referrals?

    Custom Referrals let you add additional referral options for users that fill out your external order form. These will replace the default referrals that CustomerTrackr gives you. You can add them via the Settings->Referrals page (admin access required).