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CustomerTrackr is an online management solution that makes tracking customers and contacts easy.

We designed our customer relationship management (CRM) software to be as simple to use as possible. CustomerTrackr enables you to focus on your most important assets, your customers and contacts. Our software provides a safe, reliable and easy to use environment to manage your business.

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  • Easily manage your customer orders screenshot Enlarge image

    Easily manage your customer orders

    The order detail page allows you to manage all things order related, we designed the page to make order management fast and easy to use.

    On the order detail page you can track payments, manage appointments, invoices and service calls. Leave detailed notes for your co-workers and choose from a handful of tools to properly organize your orders.

  • Schedule customer appointments screenshot Enlarge image

    Schedule customer appointments

    Our appointment management application tracks your meetings, consultations and service calls with your customers.

    You can manage appointments for yourself or other co-workers and easily drag and drop appointments to spend less time scheduling and more time running your business.

  • Stay up to date with your orders screenshot Enlarge image

    Stay up to date with your orders

    The control panel is your starting point for customer relationship management. Keep track of new customers, order changes and other company related information with easy.

    From this page you can view your latest orders, keep track of your co-workers recent activity, read about new company messages or announcements and view your upcoming appointments.

  • Detailed customer information screenshot Enlarge image

    Detailed customer information

    Our customer management page brings all of your customers information in one easy to use page.

    View and edit customer information, add new orders with one click, export your customers order for offline use and plot your customers address to find directions for your next appointment.

  • Generate reports for analysis screenshot Enlarge image

    Generate reports for analysis

    We provide easy to use reporting tools that make data analysis as efficient as possible.

    You can run reports on order activity, payments and current order statuses; sales and service call statistics and detailed customer demographic information via Google Maps.

A solution for every type of business

Meet Sam

Picture of a businessman

Sam works as a free-lance web developer with many different clients. He needs a solution that works fast and will allow him to manage all of his jobs from anywhere at anytime.

CustomerTrackr gives Sam the freedom to work from multiple places while keeping him up to speed with the ever changing minds of his clients.

Meet Rachel

Picture of a florist

Rachel just opened a boutique flower shop in her local neighborhood. Business is starting to pick up and her phone call order placement solution is becoming unmanageable. Rachel needs software that lets her customers place orders from her website and automatically add them to her list of orders.

CustomerTrackr allows Rachel to easily design and customize an online order form to match her existing website. Customers can now place as many orders as they like, while Rachel continues to run her business.

Meet Frank

Picture of a woodworker

Frank owns a small wood working shop that creates custom furniture. Frank doesn't use the Internet much and is apprehensive about taking his business online. However, he knows to stay competitive, he will need a solution to make his business faster and more efficient.

With CustomerTrackrs easy to use interface and design, Frank is up and running in a matter of minutes. He uses our software to track order payments, manage service calls, and organize client appointments.

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