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How Do I Change My Plan?

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On the Settings->Billing change, you will see your currently selected plan. You can change the plan to add or remove more users to your account. Additionally, you can change the billing cycle (monthly vs yearly) to suit your payment needs.

If you change your plan to add users, Stripe will immediately charge your credit card for the prorated amount. Conversely, if you downgrade your plan, then your account will be credited the difference between the plans.

To give you a concrete example of what this might look like, let's say you signed up on April 1 for the Basic plan at $29 a month. Half way through April, you decide to switch to the Plus plan for $49 a month. You'll be charged $29 on April 1, the day you signed up, and then $35.50 on May 1: $49 for May 1 to June 1, minus $14.50 for the unused portion of the Basic plan, plus $25.50 for the 1/2 month on the Plus plan.