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  • How Does Billing Work?

    CustomerTrackr uses Stripe to manage payment processing for our customers. This means we do not store your credit card information on...

  • Can I Trust Stripe?

    Yes! Stripe is PCI DSS compliant, leverages the latest SSL security methods and card numbers are encrypted on disk with...

  • How Do I Change My Plan?

    On the Settings->Billing change, you will see your currently selected plan. You can change the plan to add or remove more...

  • How Do I Change My Credit Card?

    You can go to the Settings->Billing page to add or replace an existing card (admin access required).

  • How Do I Cancel My Plan?

    Please send us an email to cancel your plan.

  • How Do I Get Refunded For A Charge?

    Please fill our the Contact Us form to request a refund. Please be sure to include your company name and email...